About Us

Dedicated to boosting your business by helping you integrate seamless platform financing tools for your customers, maximizing your sales, and delivering instant cash flow. MBNB GROUP is an account servicing platform partnering with you to provide you tools missing in your business, providing custom trade line for your customers with $15,000 credit that can improve your customers credit standing , this system will increase your cash flow and help you create secure and guarantee greater success business while building long-lasting customer relationships.


What Is Credit MBNB GROUP, MBNB GROUP is subsidiary of THE BOSS COMPANY, We create a platform that benefits various businesses by partnering with us, you will have access to our state of the art system that took many years to complete, the platform is very easy to use to improve your cash flow and improve your customer’s credit standing.

Partnering with MBNB GROUP means you get the chance to integrate an in- house financing structure offer trade lines within your business seamlessly. This is an excellent way for businesses to create recurring income streams by offering lines of credit for your customers.

You can provide your customers the services they need and at the same time offer them trade line and finance them and build their credit all at the same time, instead of looking elsewhere for different part of your business now you can offer it all at under your business environment.

With our state of the are platform you can open an account for your customers and clients on your secure portal with high processing speed so your clients can quickly get the product or services they need. You can increase your sales and encourage them to purchase more by making it easier for them to afford your services. It also delivers the benefit of retaining clients by offering them flexible financing options that show them that you understand their needs and are willing to empower them with purchasing power.

Your business can get an instant boost by offering in-house financing to your customers. The best thing about partnering with MBNB GROUP is that we handle all the leg-work for you. You completely control the customer where we do all the work, you control the pricing, the down payment amount, and monthly installments. We handle all the processes, dealing with customers, reporting to credit agencies, and collecting all the payments for you.

Who we are?

MBNB GROUP is a team of dedicated finance experts boasting over two decades of experience in the financing industry. We noticed a great gap in the industry where trade lines are necessary, but merchants lacked the infrastructure, capability, or expertise to offer these products to their clients and customers legally. If you are one such potential dealer you should know that we are here as the key to your success. MBNB GROUP has created an easy-to- use platform that is simple to use for you and customers with our system you and your customers both wins.

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