How it works?

Lending has changed significantly in recent decades. Instead of going to the bank and applying for financing, lending has become more flexible. In-house financing empowers your customers to increase their spending power while providing you with an opportunity to increase your sales, create a recurring income stream, and improve your profit margins.

However, not all businesses are readily equipped with the infrastructure necessary to integrate in-house financing into their existing systems. That is where MBNB GROUP comes in. Partnering with MBNB GROUP means you can seamlessly integrate our in-house financing system without additional overhead, understanding tools, and increasing capital spending on dedicated resources and new systems.

Our Vision

Create a world where everyone has access to business & the same opportunity to succeed.

Our Vision

Provide innovative and inclusive tools to all individuals, regardless of their background.

Step 01

The next step is simply completing the dealer application with all the verifiable information on the platform. The form will ask you for the relevant information regarding your business that can help us better understand the ideal way to incorporate our proprietary system into your existing systems.

Step 02

Next, our professionals will work closely with your team to verify all the information you have shared with us. Expect our team to help you understand everything about the different processes at every stage and how everything will pan out once you integrate MBNB GROUP into your existing system.

Step 03

Cash Flow
Once we finish setting up your dealer account, you can immediately begin offering in- house financing to your customers. By integrating our state of the art software system for financing, we will report all activity to the credit bureaus. Your customers with poor or no credit, or mixed credit will benefit by seeing their credit score increase. Our team will handle all customer support and handle all payment collections. You determine your financing preferences, amount of finance, down payment, and monthly payment amount. We handle all the back-end processes to ensure that you can focus on running your business as usual while we do all the leg work for your company’s in-house financing.


Checking your viability. All dealers working with MBNB GROUP have to meet a set of requirements that qualifies them to partner with us, including:

Operational Legitimacy

Your business must be licensed, legal, open, and operational

Service Based Business

Your business has to be a service-based business — not retail merchandise sales

Customer Satisfaction

The business must not have negative reviews or customer complaints

Tax ID Number

You must have an active tax ID number

Tax Liability Check

The business and business owners must not have any tax liabilities or tax liens

BBB Compliance

Your business must be in good standing with state agencies and BBB